Superbowl LV CMA press release February 3, 2021

This Sunday, February 7, 2021 is an undeclared national holiday, Superbowl Sunday. If history is any measure, a large share of the American public will be viewing the football game between Kansas City and Tampa Bay. The pandemic fatigue which we all feel from COVID-19 will likely entice more Americans to attend Superbowl parties and gatherings. We point out that the 2020 Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday travel and gatherings resulted in the recent surge from which we are finally beginning to descend. Gatherings this Sunday involving people with whom we do not live have the potential to become superspreader events, particularly in light of the emerging mutations. In keeping with the CDC recommendations, the Cincinnati Medical Association recommends that all who choose to view the game do so in the company of those with whom they live every day. A virtual viewing with those outside of your family bubble is also safe. If you choose to take the risk of gathering with those outside of your living circle remember that outdoors is better than indoors. If you must be indoors then a facility with good ventilation and adequate space for 6 feet of social distancing is preferable. Mask wearing is an absolute must except when eating and drinking. It is best to bring your own food, condiments, drinks, utensils, and paper goods. Limit alcoholic beverages as one’s ability to follow safety guidelines decreases as consumption increases. Other recommendations can be found on the CDC web site,

Be safe and increase your chances for attending “normal” Superbowl parties in 2022! WEAR your mask, WASH your hands, WATCH your distance, and WAIT to get your vaccination! We can beat this virus and its mutations! ENJOY SUPERBOWL SUNDAY.
Clyde E. Henderson, MD
Cincinnati Medical Association